Boys Cross Country Team Building/Activities

Below is a list of team builders and activities that each member of the team is strongly encouraged to participate in throughout the year:

Running Club: During the summer members of the team meet at the weight room doors to run and lift.  See brochures below for information on running club and strength / lifting.

                                 9th-12th                                                                           Open Lifting
Summer Running Club Brochure                            All Grades ($25 made out to Eastview)

Day 2 - run dab 
Running Camp:
All boys who choose to participate in the Summer Running Club are invited to attend a week long camp where they will learn about the sport of cross country running, train, and engage in team building activities. The location of the camp varies from year to year, as do the dates.  Detailed information below.

University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, July 21st-26th, 2019 (contact Coach Sharp:

Mentor Groups: At the beginning of each season the team is divided into mentor groups for the entire school year.  In these groups the boys have immediate teammates they can approach with questions or concerns ranging from topics specific to the team to as broad as can be imagined.

Coach Lead Mentor Group Activities

8/15 @ 6 pm Team Picnic The team will hold a pot-luck picnic in conjunction with the mandatory parent meeting for families to meet and speak with each other. Information regarding what to bring will be sent to families once all participants have registered for the team.
8/15 @ 7pm Night Games while parents attend the mandatory meeting, boys will participate in night games (capture the flag, ultimate Frisbee, etc…)
8/21 @ 3pm010 Team builders boys will participate in a series of team builder activities to get to know each other (Pictionary, charades, family feud, scavenger hunt, Frisbee, etc…)
8/22 @  3 pm
Team Olympics boys will participate in a series of challenges (obstacle course) to build team camaraderie.
9/14 @ 10:30am025 Pizza Bake Contest Each mentor group will build a pizza following practice.  Each mentor group is responsible for dividing up the responsibility of ingredients to bring.  Boys can bring their ingredients to practice in the morning for safe storage in the foods lab.  Pizzas will be judged on taste, creativity, and edibility
10/12 @ 10ampumpkin image Pumpkin Carving Contest Each boy will carve a pumpkin and submit it into a contest for such coveted awards as “Best Coach Sharp Depiction,” “Cleanest Work Space Award,” and “Most Ingenious Pumpkin Carving Tools.”

Student Lead Mentor Group Activities


Spaghetti Dinners:
Prior to each meet families volunteer to host spaghetti Dinners for the team. Directions and start times will be communicated to the team at practice. This year’s dates are: 8/28, 9/4, 9/11, 9/23, 9/30, 10/10 & 10/23.  For more information please visit our service/volunteer opportunities page

Banquet: Parents organize a season ending banquet where the accomplishments of the team and the individual members of the team can be recognized and celebrated.  The 2019 banquet will be held in the EVHS commons on Nov. 12th @ 6:30 pm.


Nike Regionals: On November 10th the boys have an opportunity to compete at a regional meet against teams from Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and of course Minnesota either individually or as a team.  They have the option of competing against boys their own grade, or in different grades.  The trip must be organized and chaperoned by an adult not employed by Eastview’s Cross Country program, if you are interested in filling this role please contact Coach Sharp for a team distribution list. Visit for more details.