Boys Varsity Lacrosse · Boys Varsity Lacrosse beats Shakopee 17 – 7

7 Shakopee High School
17 Eastview High School
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Shakopee High School vs Eastview High School
7 17
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2 1   8
3 3   4
4 1   3

Eastview Boys Varsity Lacrosse
Game Summary vs Shakopee Thursday May 24, 5:30pm

Eastview Boys Varsity Lacrosse defeats Shakopee 17-7

The Boys Lightning Lacrosse celebrated Senior night in style at the Thunderdome. A hot but cloudy night was the setting as we thanked our seniors for their leadership and dedication to the team. #1 Brady O’Niell defense, #3 Tyler Hendrickson attack, #6 Taylor Dubej attack, #9 Jacob Wassmund defense/LSM, #10 Kory Barnes midfield, #11 Devin Loosbrock defense/LSM, #13 Ryan Krupke attack, #14 Noah Desrocher midfield/faceoff, #15 Carter Gavilrescu attack, #17 Jaden Wellborn defense, #18 Chris Fan midfield/faceoff, #20 Justin Dienhammer goalie, #24 Porter Awad defense, #25 Joe Stillings midfield, #27 Roy Boese defense, Mason Lentz defense, Taylor Hallum manager and Caitlyn Schmitt manager.

Eastview wins the first face off and has an extended possession. Senior Joe Stillings buries the ball 1-0. The Sabers get a penalty, The Lightning passes the ball around fast. Stillings to Senior Taylor Dubej 2-0. Eastview gets a penalty, Shakopee scores 2-1. The Sabers score one more to tie the 1st QTR 2-2.

The Lightning steps on the gas for QTR 2. Senior Noah Desrocher wins the first face off. 30 seconds later Jason Hill scores on a feed from Stillings 3-2. Shakopee retaliates and scores on fast break 3-3. Less than 2 minutes in it’s Stillings to the five hole 3-2. At 8:32 Desrocher scores on right on feed from Stillings at center 5-3. 7:17 Desrocher again with assist from Senior Ryan Krupke 6-3. 6:41 Desrocher gets his hat-trick from the 12 o’clock with assist from Stillings 7-3. 4:39 Jake Kemper comes in from right, gets past the defense with a double roll dodge, shot-blocked-hits pipe and rolls in 8-3. 2:51Hill scores from the front on a pass from Stillings at right 9-3. 2:19 Kemper on right passes to Hill at center left, his low-to-high hat-trick shot catches the corner and the half ends 10-3 Eastview.

The action slows a bit in the 3rd QTR. Eastview on attack, their quick passing pays off. Krupke scores from crease right on a pass from Dubej 11-3. At 8:44 Hill scores again from left on feed from Stillings 12-3. Senior Porter Awad makes a great transition pulling a loose ball out of the scrum, finding space, seeing no pass he runs it across. 6:49 the Sabers gain possession and score on a fast break 12-4. 5:23 it is a blur of movement to the right, Desrocher to Hill with his deadly low-to-high shot 13-4. Shakopee scores on an extra man opportunity 13-5. 3:57, Eastview on attack, ball is knocked loose, Hill scoops it up and scores while running away from the net, double hat-trick 14-5. The Sabers sneak one in to end the QTR 14-6.

4th QTR, with 8:34 on the clock Dubej at X sneaks around the left to score 15-6. The Sabers retaliate 15-7. Eastview goes man-down on a penalty but is able to regain possession, Dubej get his hat trick 16-7. 2:43 left in the game, Eastview fast break, Connor Smith to Senior Carter Gavilrescu, boom 17-7. Lightning all over the field and lightning in the sky. The game ends early due to weather. The game MVP is Noah Desrocher for second quarter onslaught that set the tone for the rest of the game.

Section playoffs begin next week. Schedule is still TBD. Stay tuned to @eastviewlax on twitter for the latest updates and news.