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Welcome to the Eastview / Eagan Alpine Ski Team. If you love to ski & would like the chance to experience the joy of Slalom Ski Racing you are in the right place! Use the links below to find our team website, check out the calendar & sign up for the latest team updates. Also included is a short FAQ for prospective team members. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.
Coach Carl: Call/Text 952 353 0158   Email

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Eastview / Eagan Alpine Ski Race Team New Members FAQs:

Do I need ski racing experience?

No. You just need to be able to ski and be willing to learn race techniques.

What equipment do I need?

If you already have skis, boots, and poles, they will be fine to start. You will also need a helmet with chin guard, pole & shin guards. As you advance you may want to upgrade your equipment. In addition to the ski shops, there are opportunities to purchase used equipment at ski swaps (most held in the fall) and from other team members. Many of the skiers like to use inexpensive leather choppers instead of ski gloves or mittens for practice due to the use of rope tows.

Will I need a race suit?

No. It’s optional. Many JV racers do not have a race suit.

Where do we practice / race?

All practices and most races are held at Buck Hill. You will need a Buck Hill season pass. (Less expensive if you buy early.)

What is the activity fee for the Eastview / Eagan Alpine Race Team?

There is currently no activity fee. However, we do expect all team members to join the Booster Club which has a suggested membership fee. The Booster Club funds our team equipment, activities, and extra coaching.

I’m still in middle school but am checking out High School activities options. If I want to join the team in HS, what should I do now to prepare?

A good place to start is the Buck Hill Ski Racing Development Team (D Team). Visit the Buck Hill Web Site for further information. Alternatively, you may join the Eastview / Eagan Alpine Ski Team as a 7th or 8th grader if they do not offer alpine skiing in your middle school (ISD 196 schools do not). This is a good option for those with race experience.