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Multiple Teams · Important information to get ready for the 2017 season!

Tryout week is quickly approaching and it is a good time to make sure you’re prepared for the start.  Here are some key pieces of information as we approach August 14…

  • Tryouts will be August 14, 15, and possibly 16.  Practices will begin the day after tryouts are complete.  Attendance at tryouts is required to be on a team.  You can find out more about the schedule by going to the Eastview Volleyball website and clicking on the calendar link.  (website link below)
  • As fall camp begins, I will be switching to my district 196 email: for all things volleyball related. Please start using this email address going forward.
  • Registration should be open in Schoolview to get registered for volleyball. YOU CANNOT TRYOUT if you are not on our list at 8am Monday, August 14th!
  • Captains’ practices are for any girl planning on trying out at the high school this fall.  It’s a great opportunity to get back in the gym to prepare for tryouts.
    • Week one: July 31, August 1 and 2 – 11:00am-1:30pm at EVHS, August 3 – 5:00-7:30pm at EVHS
    • Week two: TBD (likely at Scott Highlands or Falcon Ridge)
  • At Eastview, wearing black kneepads, socks, ankle braces (if you wear them) and black shoes (at least mostly black) is expected of players on the Varsity/JV/10th grade teams for matches.  It is preferred but not required on the 9th grade teams. If you’re getting ready to buy shoes, knee pads, socks…look for black.  Also, black spandex shorts will be used for practice and with the match uniforms.
  • Players on all 5 teams are required to wear Eastview Volleyball shirts that are royal, black, silver/gray, or white for practices. Once tryouts are complete, there will be shirts available to buy for $5-10 each to add to your current collection if you need more.  There will also be other EV VB apparel for order the end of tryouts week for both players and parents.
  • One communication tool that we will use will be this website.  The calendar for the fall is already posted there, as well as some information about coaches.  News updates about different things will also be there throughout the season.  It’s a great spot to start checking for things you need to know.
  • Another communication tool we will use is REMIND.  There is an app for phones that you can download.  It allows quick broadcast communication, and also the ability to message coaches without exchanging cell numbers.  Our REMIND for the summer will send helpful info to keep you in the know until teams are selected.  Parents and/or players can join.
  • Tryout Prep
    • All teams will have 2-a-day tryouts Monday, Tuesday, and likely Wednesday (that will mean 5+ hours of volleyball per day).  It would be wise to keep touching the ball and also working out to stay in shape.  It will reduce soreness later in the first week. For those of you in Super Group, make sure to finish the summer strong.  If you’re not, going for some short runs, jumping rope, running up some hills, and doing bodyweight exercises will help (push-ups, squats, core exercises, etc).
    Once teams are selected, we will have a meeting to meet coaches and teammates called Thunderbreak (evening of August 21).  It is on the calendar.  We will also talk about the volunteering requirements for the season.  We have an outstanding booster club that runs on family volunteer fuel…the more people involved, the less time everyone needs to dedicate to keeping it running.  We will send an informational letter about the season home with the girls on the day teams are made that will explain a lot more about the season and about the events we need help with.

I am VERY excited to get started on my first season at Eastview, and I know the rest of our coaches feel the same.  Have a great rest of your summer and we will see you the morning of August 14!!!


Ryan Dehnel
Wellness and Physical Education
Head Volleyball Coach
Eastview High School